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Dirt Bike Accident Lawyers

A dirt bike accident can occur because the rider was operating the bike recklessly. In this sort of situation, the dirt bike rider is at fault for their own injuries. However, dirt bike accidents can be caused by another rider. That other rider may ride aggressively, taking a blind corner at high speeds, or engaging in other risky behavior.

Can I File a Lawsuit If Another Rider Caused My Injuries?

Yes. A plaintiff may file a negligence claim against another rider who they believed cause their injuries. Negligence is the theory of exercising care an ordinary person would under similar or same circumstances. In other words, if the reckless rider engaged in risky behavior on a bike, and that risky behavior led to the accident, then the rider would be liable for the accident.

What Must I Prove to Win a Negligence Lawsuit?

In order to have a successful negligence lawsuit, the plaintiff must prove specific elements:

What Are Injuries That Can Result from a Dirt Bike Accident?

Dirt bike accident injuries can include:

Do I Have a Case If the Bike Was Defective?

An injured dirt bike rider may be able to sue the manufacturer, distributor, or designer of the bike if a defect present in the bike was the cause of the accident. A defective product is any product that causes injury to an individual because of a defect present in the:

To have a successful claim, a plaintiff must show:

Do I Need a Lawyer Regarding My Dirt Bike Accident?

Yes. It is best to contact a personal injury lawyer about your accident. The lawyer will evaluate the accident and injuries and tell you how to proceed. 

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