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Where Do I File my Petition for a Name Change?

Depending on the state you reside in, the petition for a name change may be filed in a circuit, district, superior, or supreme court. 

Does it Take a Long Time?

Most petitions for a name change are uncontested and are heard in an informal setting in very little time. Occasionally, you can see the judge or other decision-maker immediately following the filing of the petition.

Are There Any Requirements I Need to Meet in Order to File the Petition?

There are several requirements you should be aware of when filing a petition for a name change, which include: 

Who is an Interested Party?

Interested parties may include: 

Is There Only One Form to Fill Out?

There are actually several forms to be filled out in order to process your name change: 

Do I Need an Attorney for my Name Change?

Consulting with a family lawyer regarding any significant legal matter, such as a name change, is always a wise thing to do.  An experienced family attorney can explain the impact of changing your name and help you fill out all the necessary forms.

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