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What Is the Child Custody Protection Act?

The Child Custody Protection Act is a bill that may be passed soon regarding minors and their ability to obtain safe abortions.  The bill would make it a federal crime for anyone other than a minor's parent or legal guardian to knowingly take the minor across state lines for an abortion, unless the minor follows the parental involvement laws of her home state and the state to which she's traveled. 

What Are the Possible Consequences of the CCPA?

Since girls often cannot tell their parents that they have become pregnant for fear of emotional or physical abuse, many have sought abortions in a state without laws that require parental notification. The CCPA would make this impossible, because the minor and her transporter would have to comply with both the laws of the minor's home state as well as of the state in which she is seeking an abortion.

What States Would the CCPA Affect?

The CCPA would mainly affect states that require the parents of minors seeking abortions to be notified and give consent to the procedure: 

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