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Legal Issues for Your Parents: Elder Care & Seniors Law

As Americans live increasingly lengthier lives, many require continuing, long-term care. Seniors have a distinctive type of health care, home care, and financial needs that becomes more complex as they age. It is very important to learn about the care-giving and management of appropriate living arrangements for your elderly parents, friends, or other family members.

It is also important to determine what your elderly parent, friend, or family member may need. Figuring out living arrangements, health care necessities, and financial needs early on places you and them in a better position when the time comes.
To decide what types of care your elder relative or friend may require, ask yourself these questions:

Elder Law

Elder law is a type of legal practice that places an emphasis on issues that affect the growing aging population such as long-term care, nursing home issues, medical directives, and senior assistance.

Nursing Homes

Numerous federal and state laws are in place to protect nursing home and assisted living facility patients from neglect and abuse. These laws also protect the privacy, security, and health of the facility patients.

Social Security

Social Security affects the life of almost every American, and it is the foundation of economic security for many retirees. Having a firm understanding and knowledge of Social Security benefits is crucial.

Medical & Health Planning

There are several medical and healthcare laws that exist to exclusively protect the elderly, who are often the most vulnerable to healthcare and medical rights violations. Many of these laws deal with Medicaid, which is is a government assistance program that provides health insurance to millions of low-income and disabled senior citizens.

Do I Need an Attorney for My Elder Care Issue?

If you have a family member, friend, or relative that requires elder care, or will require it in the near future, you should speak with a qualified lawyer in your area to figure out what can be done to make arrangements while protecting the person's rights and interests. If you have other elder care issues, speaking with an attorney may help you understand your options and recommend possible solutions.

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