Financial Exploitation of the Elderly

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What is Financial Exploitation of the Elderly?

Financial exploitation of the elderly occurs when a relative or caregiver of an elderly person steals, withholds, or otherwise misuses that elderly person's money, property, or valuables for personal advantage or profit. 

What are Some Common Methods of Financial Exploitation of the Elderly?

There are many methods that relatives and caregivers may use to exploit the elderly.  These may include: 

Offenders may use deceit, intimidation, emotional abuse, or the promise of lifelong care in coercing the victim.  They may also try to isolate the victim from concerned parties, such as other family members or friends.  They may also try to exploit certain financial arrangements, including: 

How Can I Tell if an Elderly Person is Being Financially Exploited?

Financial exploitation of the elderly is difficult to recognize.  The victim may be unaware or even deny any abuse.  There is a much more emotional impact on the victim, as he may be reluctant to see his relative or caregiver apprehended, for fear of being alone. 

Still, there are some indicators that may suggest financial exploitation, including: 

What Should I Do if an Elderly Person I Care about is Being Financially Exploited?

It can be difficult to show that an elderly person is in fact being financially exploited by a relative or caregiver.  An experienced family lawyer can help you prove that your loved one is being exploited.  A family lawyer also can help you undo some of the damage that the relative or caregiver has done.

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