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What Is the Funeral Rule?

Funeral providers must comply with the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) Funeral Rule.  The Funeral Rule requires that funeral providers: 

The Funeral Rule prohibits funeral providers from misrepresenting any legal or cemetery requirements, requiring the consumer to buy a casket for cremation, embalming for a fee without the consumer's permission, or using any other deceptive practices.  A funeral provider who violates the Rule may face a $10,000 penalty per violation.

Who Must Follow the Rule?
If you are a funeral provider, you must comply with the Funeral Rule.  A "funeral provider" sells both funeral goods and services to the public.  Funeral services include services used to care for and prepare bodies for burial, cremation, or other final disposition, and those used to arrange, supervise, or conduct the funeral ceremony.

What Is the General Price List?
The General Price List (GPL) contains identifying information, itemized prices for the goods and services the funeral provider is offering, and other important disclosures.  It allows consumers to comparison shop and to buy only the goods and services they want.  A GPL must be immediately given to anyone who asks in person about funeral goods, services, or the price of such goods or services.

What Information Must Be Included on the GPL?
The GPL must contain: 

Do I Need a Lawyer If I Think?
It may be helpful to consult a lawyer when dealing with funeral issues.  An experienced lawyer can help a grieving family when they are likely to be vulnerable to swindlers and may be able to assist an elderly person plan his or her own funeral. 

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