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Chemical Burn Injury Lawyers

A chemical burn to the skin or eyes can occur anywhere because of irresponsible storage, improper clean up, or an unauthorized use of chemicals.

Who Can Be Held Liable for a Chemical Burn Injury?

Whether an individual or business is responsible for a chemical burn injury depends on negligence. Proving negligence involves proving the following specific elements in a personal injury case:

  1. The defendant owed a duty of care to the plaintiff,
  2. The defendant breached this duty of care,
  3. The defendant’s breach was the actual cause of the plaintiff’s injury, and
  4. The plaintiff suffered damages as result of the breach of duty.

What Are the Legal Remedies I Can Pursue in a Chemical Burn Personal Injury Claim?

A person has the legal options to:

What Is a Settlement Offer?

A proposal of a specific monetary amount to reimburse a plaintiff for loss or injuries is referred to as a settlement offer. Either party can make a settlement offer.

If the offer is accepted, the settlement becomes legally binding. Also, the plaintiff is prohibited from filing or continuing the lawsuit.

Can I Receive More Money in a Settlement than in a Jury Award?

It depends on the circumstances of the case and motivation of the defendant. Burn injury settlements are usually higher than other types of personal injury settlements because of the harsh injury and permanent scars.

What Are the Factors That Go Into Determining a Settlement?

The amount of money in a settlement offer depends on:

Should I Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer about My Chemical Burn Injury?

You deserve to be compensated for your injuries if your chemical burns are the result of someone else’s negligence. To understand whether you have a case, contact a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer will explain your legal options to you.

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