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How Do I Obtain a Green Card?

In order for to obtain a green card and obtain Lawful Permanent Resident status, it is first necessary to be admitted as an immigrant. There are several different immigration visa categories. The three most common categories of immigrant visas are:

Therefore, in order to obtain a green card, you need to address three issues: first, a sponsor to petition you (i.e., family member, employer, etc.); secondly, you would need to file your application at a U.S. embassy or consular office; and lastly, you need to meet all the admissibility requirements.  

What Is the Visa or Green Card Lottery?

Every year 50,000 permanent visas (green cards) are granted to immigrants who qualify under the Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery program. To qualify, you must submit an application online. You must also be from a qualifying country. The list of qualifying nations differs every year according to the number of immigrants previously sent from that country. If you are selected in the lottery program, you must apply for LPR status immediately. Those not selected may apply again the next year.  

Who Is Eligible for a Green Card?

Green card eligibility is subject to a three-step process:

Also, it is best if you do not have any criminal charges on your record. These reflect poorly on your application and may weaken your chances of obtaining a green card. 

What Documents Do I Need for the Immigration Interviews?

Document requirements can be subject to variation, but basically you will need the following:

Depending on your individual circumstances, immigration officials may request additional documentation from you. If you have any questions regarding which documents to provide, an immigration attorney can instruct you on how to proceed. 

Do I Need an Immigration Attorney for Green Card issues?

Applying for a green card can often be a long and complex process. However, if you obtain lawful permanent resident status, you will be able to live and work permanently in the U.S. Therefore, it is important that you follow the green card application procedures exactly- a lot is depending on it. You should contact an immigration lawyer if you need advice on your application. An experienced immigration attorney can help you file your application and keep you informed of any changes to immigration laws or policies. 

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