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Learn More About Columbia, SC

Modern day residents of Columbia have the distinction of living in one of the oldest planned cities in the nation. These 200 year old plans called for a number of 100 foot wide thoroughfares that Columbia citizens enjoy to this day. The wide streets were planned under the curious idea that mosquitoes, once a deadly invader of colonial settlements, could not survive a journey of more than 60 feet without starving to death.

Thankfully, bug spray has replaced city planning as the primary protection against mosquitoes. A good lawyer, however, will always be as your best protection against a legal problem.

If you need a lawyer in Columbia, SC, let help you find the best lawyer for you. Tell about your legal issue, and can match you with a Columbia lawyer that has handled your type of case before, free of charge.

Columbia lawyers help clients everyday in criminal law, personal injury law, immigration law, bankruptcy law, real estate law, and a wide variety of other areas of the law. Columbia lawyers even have the distinction of installing the town’s first water works in 1834. Using a large wooden tank, a steam engine pump, and a network of iron pipes, Abram Blanding pumped running water for the first time to the town’s residents and businesses.

Modern day Columbia attorneys continue to uphold this principle of public service through various activities sponsored by the Richland County Bar association. Programs such as Law Day, where attorneys offer free consultation to the public, continue the Association’s efforts “to apply its knowledge and experience in the field of law to the promotion of the public good.”

Columbia lawyers practice in the Columbia Municipal Court and the Richland County Courthouse. Every attorney in South Carolina is licensed to practice within the entire state, but a local Columbia attorney knows local court procedures, judges, and other lawyers.

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