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Located along the Atlantic Ocean, Charleston County has many wonderful beaches such as Edingsville Beach. This beach has remained largely un-commercialized over the years, and it is this reason that many people, such as Charleston lawyers, find it so attractive. There are no large hotels that dot the shore of this Charleston County beach, and the water there is crisp and clear, perfect for an afternoon swim during the summer.
If you need to file a legal action in Charleston County, you should speak to an experienced Charleston County lawyer. These attorneys regularly represent their clients in many areas of law including divorce, alimony, DUI, criminal defense, wills and estates, real property, personal injury, automobile accidents, employment discrimination, contracts, and more.
A lawsuit is shaping up in Charleston County between the South Carolina attorney general and the online classified giant Craigslist. According to South Carolina state law, any advertisements of prostitution are illegal and subject to criminal liability. The attorney general has targeted Craigslist with many criminal investigations over its adult services postings, and has routinely threatened the company with criminal actions if measures were not taken. In response to this pressure, Craigslist has blocked all adult services ads in South Carolina and has taken to screening any ads that are questionable. Despite these precautions, the state’s attorney general has kept threatening criminal prosecution, so Craigslist has finally responded in Charleston County with an action seeking an injunction against such threats.
If you are ready to submit your legal complaint to a court in Charleston County, you will probably send it to the 9th Circuit Court of South Carolina, or depending upon your situation, you may have to file it in the United States District Court, District of South Carolina. A local attorney can make sure that you file your case in the appropriate venue. is your online tool that you can use to find a great Charleston County lawyer to represent your legal interests. We provide you with a free online legal matching service that pairs your case with attorneys in your area that are skilled in the laws that apply. Best of all, and to help you make the best choice for your situation, we give you access to valuable information like attorney profiles and past client reviews.
If you would like to know more about the legal scene in Charleston County, please visit these external links:
  • South Carolina Judicial Department
  • Charleston County Bar Association
  • South Carolina Code of Laws

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