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Learn More About Anderson, SC

The city of Anderson got the nickname the "Electric City" in the late 1800s when the first cotton gin to be operated by electricity was built and started working. Indeed, Anderson was one of the first cities in the entire country to have copper wire connecting many homes and mills to the electricity supply. Today, Anderson is an economic hub and one of the best shopping spots in the northern part of South Carolina.

If you need legal services in Anders, there are many qualified Anderson lawyers that are ready to represent you. These attorneys can assist you in many legal areas including criminal defense, DUI, arson, robbery, assault, divorce, alimony, child support, contracts, personal injury, automobile accidents and more.

A lawsuit has recently been filed in Anderson against two local radio hosts as well as a former council candidate. The lawsuit regards a flier that was placed on the windshield of cars in the parking lot during an Anderson County Council meeting that named an Anderson woman and mentioned a dispute about healthcare that involved Connecticut. It turns out that the woman shares first and maiden names with the real woman in Connecticut that was involved in the dispute, and that the people who published the flier knew of this and still went ahead. The lawsuit claims that the flier is an attempt to smear the name of the Anderson woman.

The lawyers in Anderson regularly practice in the 10th Circuit Court of South Carolina. This is a court of general jurisdiction, meaning that it has the power to hear both civil and criminal cases. This court also hears a limited number of appeals from the lower probate courts.

LegalMatch can help you find a great Anderson lawyer that is both familiar with this court and experienced in the areas of law that your case deals with. As well, LegalMatch provides you with an extensive LegalCenter where you can read about popular legal topics as well as get helpful hints. Best of all, everything is provided to you free of charge!

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