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Learn More About Spartanburg County, SC

Spartanburg County is home to 275,000 South Carolinians who enjoy access to a plethora of cultural destinations including 3 symphony orchestras, several professional ballet companies, tons of community theaters, and a thriving arts community. The USS Spartanburg County is a naval ship named after the county.

Spartanburg County is home to a number of lawyers who are familiar with practices in local courts. Lawyers in Spartanburg County advise on a mixed selection of cases, some regular examples include divorce, bankruptcy, personal injury, DUI, and immigration cases.

Recently in Spartanburg County, Jason Lamar Storms was arrested and charged with the armed bank robbery of a Wachovia branch. Storms allegedly ordered the bank employees to the ground while he stole money and goods from the safe. Police apprehended Storms at another branch an hour from the first robbery when police were tipped off by his gold Ford Taurus with Georgia license plates.

If you have pending criminal charges in Spartanburg County, you will likely be summoned by the 7th Circuit Solicitor who handles criminal matters in Spartanburg County. Other Spartanburg County courts include Family Court, Magistrate Court which handles small claims not exceeding $7,500, Probate Court, and Municipal Courts which handle preliminary misdemeanor hearings as well as traffic violations. When confronted with any legal matter, it’s best to consult a knowledgeable Spartanburg County lawyer to ensure your case is correctly handled from start to finish.

LegalMatch can assist you in finding that Spartanburg County lawyer that wants to take your case. Before hiring a lawyer, check out the Tips section because it’s full of many helpful suggestions to help you hire the best lawyer for you and your particular case. Also, feel free to do some research on your case in the LegalMatch Law Library which contains simple explanations to thousands of questions.

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