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Learn More About Florence, SC

Florence is the seat and largest city of Florence County with a population of 30,000 South Carolina residents. Florence boasts a number of outstanding professional schools and colleges like the Frances Marion University Nursing Center and Florence Darlington Technical College. A number of public transportation options give Florence citizens easy access throughout the city.

You shouldn’t be surprised to find out that a number of Florence residents are also lawyers who are familiar with the nuances of practicing in Florence. Lawyers in Florence admit a broad mixture of cases like divorce, chapter 13 bankruptcy, automobile injury, real estate, and criminal cases like DUI charges.

Recently in Florence, 17 drug suppliers pleaded guilty to various charges connected with a 10 year drug ring that possessed more than 100 kilograms of powder cocaine and crack. The men all face a minimum of 20 years in prison with a maximum of a life sentence. Assistant U.S. Attorney Rose Mary Parham said that there has been a dramatic decrease in the amount of cocaine and crack in Florence and Darlington Counties since the arrests.

If you have a divorce or need to file a lawsuit in Florence, you will likely be visiting the Florence County Circuit Court. South Carolina Circuit Courts handle many different kinds of cases but retain sole jurisdiction over criminal cases like felonies as well as civil and criminal appeals from lower courts.

LegalMatch is a free service that pairs you with a Florence lawyer. By entering a brief synopsis of your case, Florence lawyers are able to review your case and quote prices. You will be able to check reviews from past clients, availability, and prices all before your name is ever released. LegalMatch offers an unbeatable guarantee to and great tips on selecting the best lawyer for your needs.

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