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Learn More About Rock Hill, SC

The city of Rock Hill enjoys very mild winters and somewhat balmy summers as it sits near the northern border of South Carolina. With a well balanced blend of business and residential, it is notable that Rock Hill is laced through with historic buildings. Rock Hill is also home to three schools of higher education: Winthrop University, York Technical College, and Clinton Jr. College.

In addition to these colleges, Rock Hill also has a number of highly talented Rock Hill lawyers who are ready to take on your case. These legal professionals are versed in areas of law such as divorce, child custody, tax, real estate, commercial, bankruptcy, criminal defense, and many more.

A Rock Hill lawyer recently obtained a $3 million settlement for his clients, three children of their deceased mother, in a case against six doctors. The lawsuit arose when the mother went to a local medical facility because of abdominal pain which was caused by a twisted intestine. After getting a CT scan, the Rock Hill medical team failed to identify the twisted intestine and sent the woman home. The Rock Hill woman returned to the hospital two more times before doctors found the twisted intestine and performed surgery. However, the Rock Hill woman died after the surgery. The Rock Hill attorney filed the lawsuit on behalf of the woman’s surviving children.

The trial level courts in South Carolina are the circuit courts, which are courts of general jurisdiction and have the power to hear both civil and criminal cases. Rock Hill is served by the 16th Circuit Court of South Carolina, which is composed of two full time judges. This court is relatively small, meaning the legal community is correspondingly small. Having a local Rock Hill lawyer who is familiar with this community will be a big advantage for your case.

If you need help finding the right Rock Hill attorney for your case, you should visit LegalMatch, the online legal matching service. After submitting your case through our confidential system, we will present it to local lawyers who are in good standing with the South Carolina bar. From there, those legal professionals will contact you, and there is no pressure to hire any of the attorneys that respond to your case.

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