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There are currently 8,900 South Carolina lawyers. Attorneys in South Carolina must pass a vigorous bar examination and background check and may voluntarily become members of their state bar association. The vast majority of lawyers in South Carolina work in private practice, either in law firms or as solo practitioners.

Lawyers in South Carolina practice in the state’s Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, or various Circuit Court divisions. South Carolina attorneys also routinely practice in the state’s various municipal and magistrate courts.

The case of Brown v. Board of Education was actually a consolidated case, with several plaintiffs from different states being involved in its litigation. One of these plaintiffs hailed from South Carolina, and the court decision famously ordered the desegregation of South Carolina schools. South Carolina is also among the few states that had a border dispute with a neighboring state resolved by the Supreme Court of the United States. In 1990, the case of Georgia v. South Carolina officially divvied up a number of islands and fishing locations in the Savannah River between the two states.

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South Carolina has its share of unique laws. Until recently, South Carolina was the last remaining state in the nation to make bars pour cocktails using mini-bottles of alcohol. South Carolina also prevents alcohol sales past 7PM, and only recently passed a bill allowing alcohol sales on Sunday. South Carolina also allows smoking indoors, but allows individual cities and counties to make their own rules.

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