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Learn More About Richland County, SC

Columbia is both the seat of Richland County and capital of South Carolina. It’s the second most populous county with 365,000 residents who enjoy access to great attractions like the South Carolina State Museum, Riverbanks Zoo, and Woodrow Wilson’s boyhood home.
Richland County is also home to a number of talented lawyers who are familiar with South Carolina court processes. Lawyers in Richland County advise on a wide variety of cases like chapter 13 bankruptcy, estate administration, personal injury, contract dispute, and child custody cases.
Sixteenth Circuit Court Judge Lee Alford recently heard an appeal on the South Carolina State law banning those younger than 21 from obtaining or consuming alcoholic beverages. Judge Lee has yet to rule on the case; however, in a separate Richland County case recently a magistrate ruled the law prohibiting the 18 to 20 age range from drinking was unconstitutional. The rulings are not binding in the South Carolina because they are the lowest-level court judges.
Richland County has a number of courts with which to file and it’s imperative that you file correctly so you don’t loose time or money. The highest trial level court which you can file with is the Richland County Circuit Court in Columbia. The Richland County Circuit Court is responsible for hearing cases like contract, real property, civil lawsuits, misdemeanor cases and the court retains exclusive jurisdiction over civil appeals, felony, and criminal appeals cases.
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