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Learn More About Shreveport, LA

Shreveport bears the name of a U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Captain Henry Shreve. Shreve had the monumental task of clearing the Great Raft, a 160-mile long natural logjam that prevented the Red River from being navigable. Shreve and his specially designed riverboat cleared out the debris of logs clogging the river, and the town of Shreveport was named in his honor.

Shreveport is home to over 600 attorneys and legal professionals. Shreveport lawyers can assist you in criminal law, personal injury litigation, real estate transactions, and any other legal issue you may be facing.

In 2006, Shreveport firefighters sued to overturn a city ordinance they considered discriminatory. The order mandated hiring 1 black firefighter for every 1 white firefighter hired by the city. The 5th Circuit of Louisiana sided with the Shreveport firefighters and overturned the ordinance, instead requiring the city to hire new firefighters without taking their race into consideration.

Shreveport lawyers practice in the Cado Parish Court system. Local Shreveport attorneys will be familiar with local court rules, staff, judges, and other Shreveport lawyers. Local familiarity may be helpful if you have a lawsuit in Shreveport.

Instead of randomly choosing names from a phonebook, let match you with a local, experienced Shreveport attorney familiar with your legal issue. Our free matching service will not only find the right lawyers for your case, but will give you unprecedented background information on every attorney, allowing you to choose your advocate with confidence.

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