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Learn More About Caddo Parish, LA

Caddo Parish is the third largest parish in Louisiana covering 937 square miles and playing host to over a quarter million residents. Caddo Parish is also home to a portion of the Red River National Wildlife Refuge and the Forcht-Wade Correctional Center.
A number of lawyers who are familiar with local district and city courts call Caddo Parish home. Lawyers in Caddo Parish take a broad selection of cases; some ordinary cases incorporate: bankruptcy, DUI, divorce, personal injury, and wrongful termination cases.
Forty-one year old Caddo Parish resident Shelia Lozada filed a lawsuit against the Bossier Maximum Securiety Facility and Bossier Sheriff Larry Deen. Lozada allegedly refused to disrobe and wear a suicide smock after repeated attempts by a female guard to wear the smock as standard procedure for suicide risk inmates or those that have previous mental disabilities. Lozado maintains that deputies were too rough and harassed her; however, a continuously running surveillance tape of the incident did not record the alleged abuse but instead allegedly told a much different story.
If you are filing a lawsuit in Caddo Parish, you will probably be visiting the Caddo Parish District Court in Shreveport and file with the Civil Division. District courts in Louisiana are responsible for hearing most cases including probate, estate, civil, felony, criminal appeals, and domestic relations cases. Some other courts include Juvenile Court, city and parish courts, Justice of the Peace Courts, and Mayor’s Courts.
LegalMatch is a free service that works to pair you with a pre-screened Caddo Parish lawyer for your case. Simply fill out a brief synopsis of your legal issue and Caddo Parish lawyers will review your case and quote you a price. You are can check availability, read past customer reviews, and compare prices of each lawyer to make sure you select the best. All of LegalMatch’s lawyers are bar members and your satisfaction is guaranteed.
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