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Learn More About Orleans Parish, LA

The Orleans Parish is coextensive with the city of New Orleans, meaning that the city and the parish have the same border. Straddleing the Mississippi River, the Orleans Parish is one of the major ports of the United States. With world renowned tourism flourishing in places like the French Quarter, the Orleans Parish is one of the top ten visited places in the United States. Since Hurricane Katrina, the Orleans Parish has been redeveloping and has brought back many of the major tourist attractions that make this parish so unique.
If you are involved in a lawsuit in the Orleans Parish, there are many Orleans Parish lawyers who are available to represent you in your case. These attorneys are quite experienced in areas of law such as DUI, criminal defense, bankruptcy, insurance, tourism, real estate, business, tax, product liability, and many more.
In 2007, nearing the statute of limitations, many Orleans Parish lawyers and residents filed suit against the Army Core of Engineers for the levees that broke during Hurricane Katrina that resulted in the flooding of the city. In one of the largest lawsuits, filed on behalf of the city of New Orleans, Orleans Parish lawyers contend that the government is responsible for over $75 billion in damages that the city incurred. According to some analysts, this would mean that each resident in the Orleans Parish would receive over $150,000 in damages if the lawyers prove to be successful.
The Orleans Parish is served primarily by three courts all located within the parish’s border. There is the Orleans Parish Civil District Court, which hears most civil cases, the Orleans Parish Criminal District Court, which hears most criminal cases, and the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, which has the power to hear certain types of cases. Depending on your type of action, you may have to file in any of these courts, and a local Orleans Parish lawyer can help you determine which court is best suited to your case.
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