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Learn More About Evangeline Parish, LA

Evangeline Parish, LA, one of the oldest inhabited areas of Louisiana, was founded in 1910. Evangeline Parish was named for the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem of the same name. The area originally belonged to the Attakapas Indians, with French settlers arriving in 1689. Today the parish’s 35,400 residents and visitors enjoy activities such as the Boggy Bayou Festival, the Mamou Cajun Music Festival, and the Maison Jean Marie Laran Museum.
There are also a large number of Evangeline Parish lawyers who reside in this community. Evangeline County lawyers are experienced in handling legal matters involving real estate, personal injury, crime, employment, wills trust and estates, as well as any other you may encounter.
Lawyers in Evangeline Parish recently defended the parish against a U.S. Justice Department lawsuit. The lawsuit claimed the parish continually operated the Ville Platte High School at a level far below that of other parish high schools, in violation of civil rights desegregation laws. A local judge ruled that the Evangeline Parish needs to either build a new school or re-assign the school’s 400 students to different area high schools. The lawsuit is ongoing.
Attorneys in Evangeline Parish may file your case in the 13th Judicial District Court, the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal, the Louisiana Supreme Court, or a number of specialized courts (handling, for example, family or drug-related matters). Local Evangeline Parish lawyers can help navigate you through the Louisiana court system.
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