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Learn More About St. Tammany Parish, LA

With the landfall of Hurricane Katrina, the population of St. Tammany Parish LA grew rapidly. If some estimates are correct, St. Tammany Parish is the fastest growing parish in the entire state of Louisiana. Often times, St. Tammany Parish is referred to as “North Shore” by residents of nearby New Orleans.
When you need legal advice in St. Tammany Parish, there are many St. Tammany Parish lawyers that are available to assist you. These attorneys regularly represent their clients in many areas of law including personal injury, bankruptcy, tax, immigration, DUI, criminal defense, divorce, child custody, and more.
A St. Tammany Parish woman will have her day in court. The Louisiana Supreme Court recently decided not to hear an appeal of a procedural matter by the defendant in the case, allowing the trial to begin. The original lawsuit was brought by the St. Tammany Parish woman against the hospital she worked at, claiming that she was retaliated against for her religious beliefs. The woman was against distributing Plan B emergency contraceptive and made several recommendations to her superiors that would allow her to continue to work but not distribute the pill. Instead, the hospital removed the woman from her full time status and placed her on part time employment.
If you have a legal motion that you need to file in St. Tammany Parish, you will likely have to file it in the 22nd Judicial District Court of Louisiana. There are many legal requirements for filing a motion in court, and a local attorney can make sure that your motion will follow these laws. has helped many people in St. Tammany Parish with situations similar to yours find great attorneys to represent them. We use a unique online legal matching system that not only looks at your geographic location, but also at the area of law that your case deals with. Then, we send out e-mails to our pre-screened attorneys who, if they are interested, will contact you about representation. It is not uncommon to get multiple responses to a case posting, in which case, the client is able to compare each attorney and make the best decision for their situation.
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