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Learn More About Metairie, LA

Modern day Metairie, LA is not technically a city – the area is governed as part of Jefferson Parish, as it has no mayor or local government of its own. Metairie was the first suburb of the city of New Orleans, located on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain, and did briefly incorporate as a city in 1927 to allow the area to receive gas service before it was again unincorporated. Approximately 160,000 people reside in Metairie. Like the city of New Orleans, Metairie is also located below sea level and participates in large annual Mardi Gras celebrations.
There are also a large number of Metairie lawyers who make this community their home. Metairie lawyers are experienced in handling legal matters involving real estate, personal injury, crime, employment, wills trust and estates, as well as any other you may encounter.
Metairie lawyers recently brought a class-action lawsuit against Jefferson Parish. The plaintiffs argue that a Parish ordinance ordering red light cameras to catch and issue tickets to those running red lights in Metairie is unconstitutional as the tickets are classified as a civil offense. The lawsuit claims that such automated enforcement programs should be classified as a misdemeanor offense in order to allow citizens to receive due process.
Attorneys in Metairie may file your case in the 1st or 2nd Jefferson Parish Court, the 24th Judicial District Court, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeal, the Louisiana Supreme Court, or a number of specialized courts (handling, for example, family or drug-related matters). Local Metairie lawyers can help navigate you through the Louisiana court system.
Consider if you need a Metairie lawyer. Our free, confidential service can match you with a local Metairie attorney with a proven track record in your area of legal need. Our service ensures that the attorney matched to you is in good standing with the Louisiana state bar, and provides background information on the attorney unavailable elsewhere. You can also find helpful tips on attorney selection and general information on various legal topics. Use to ensure you make the right decision in selecting your Metairie advocate.
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