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Learn More About Jefferson Parish, LA

Comprised primarily of suburbs of New Orleans, Jefferson Parish was hit particularly hard in Hurricane Katrina. Although the damage was not as severe as in neighboring Orleans Parish, thousands of Jefferson Parish residents lost their homes and even more had to flee for an extended period of time.
Jefferson Parish lawyers can assist you in any legal issue you may be facing, including personal injury, insurance, real estate transactions, bankruptcy, criminal defense, and many more.
A prominent local politician and Jefferson Parish were sued in 2005 for following a "doomsday plan" that called for the evacuation of drainage operators from Jefferson Parish after Hurricane Katrina. The unmanned pumps led to massive flooding and property damages within the county. The validity of the suit was challenged, but Plaintiffs recently made a major victory when Judges ruled that the suit could continue.
Jefferson Parish attorneys should be familiar with the rules and procedures for the Jefferson Parish Court system, part of Louisiana’s 24th Judicial District. Every court in Louisiana has its own specific procedures and court staff, and your Jefferson Parish lawyer’s know-how could come in handy in winning your case.
Finding an attorney in a large Parish like Jefferson may seem difficult. can help. Our free service will match you to a local pre-screened Jefferson Parish lawyer specializing in your legal issue. LegalMatch is fast, free, and 100% confidential.
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