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Learn More About Lafayette Parish, LA

The Lafayette Parish has one main city, which is the city of Lafayette. The Lafayette Parish contains many attractions that draw visitors and residents every year. The parish has the Lafayette Natural History Museum and Planetarium, as well as the Lafayette Ballet Theatre.
When you are facing legal chares in Lafayette Parish, you should probably speak with one of the experienced Lafayette lawyers. These legal professionals regularly represent their clients in many legal areas such as divorce, business, contracts, employment, immigration, personal injury, wills, real estate, criminal defense, arson, DUI, alimony, and more.
The ACLU of Louisiana recently filed a lawsuit against the Lafayette Parish School Board and the principal of one of its high schools. The lawsuit claimed that the school terminated one if its newly hired art teachers in violation of her First Amendment Rights to free speech. The teacher, who has taught in schools from New York to New Orleanes claims that she was fired after the principal of the Lafayette Parish high school found her website containing many pieces of art that dealt with political satire and feminism. If this allegation is true, it could be damaging for the school because this could constitute governmental restriction on free speech that was off of school grounds and not made during school hours.
If your case originated in Lafayette Parish, you will most likely have to file your lawsuit in the Lafayette Parish Courts. The local attorneys are familiar with these courts and the procedures that will apply to your case. is a free online service that you can use to find a great Lafayette Parish lawyer for your lawsuit. After telling us some background information about your situation, we can match you with local attorneys who have experience working on cases like yours. As well, you can find helpful hints and articles about popular legal topics in our LegalCenter.
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