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Learn More About Lafayette, LA

Named after the French General who came to the aid of the American Revolutionaries, the city of Lafayette is the parish seat of Lafayette Parish, and is also the fourth largest city in Louisiana. Lafayette is known for its amazing Creole food and well-established tourist industry, and boasts more restaurants per capita than any other U.S. city.
Lafayette also has a number of attorneys. Lafayette lawyers can help you with real estate, divorce, bankruptcy, criminal law, personal injury, and a variety of other legal issues. Attorneys in Lafayette  regularly get referrals from Baton Rouge lawyers for cases that are arising from incidents that happened closer to Lafayette than Baton Rouge.
The first child molestation case against a Catholic priest took place in Lafayette. In 1985, a local priest was accused of molesting numerous children from a Boy Scout troupe. The Lafayette diocese was sued, and a large settlement was eventually negotiated.
This case and others generally begin in Lafayette Parish Courts. Like many states, Louisiana has an elected Parish clerk. His job is organizing and recording court records. Lafayette attorneys will be familiar with these courts and their various civil, criminal, and juvenile divisions.
If you need a lawyer in Lafayette, is a free service that can help find a pre-screened bar certified lawyer for your case. By submitting some information about your case to our website (all of which remains 100% confidential) we can match you with local Lafayette lawyers. Our website also has helpful tips on hiring attorneys and understanding legal fees.
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