When suing over a personal injury claim, a plaintiff may be awarded money to compensate them for the injury that they suffered. When their lawyer begins negotiating or demand a specific money amount may depend on the maximum medical improvement (MMI).

The maximum medical improvement is the point where a person’s medical condition or injury stabilizes. No matter how much treatment or the amount of medication prescribed, the injury or condition will not improve beyond that point.

For example, if a pedestrian is hit by a car, they may incur a spine injury. Their maximum medical improvement may take two years to reach. This means that, in two years, the plaintiff will end their medical treatment and will be considered as recovered as they are going to get.

What Does MMI Have to Do with Getting Money for My Injuries?

Negotiations and settlement demands are attempts to reach a financial deal with the other parties in the case. A plaintiff’s lawyer will demand money to financially compensate for any injuries, medical bills, or other losses suffered. To obtain the full financial amount possible a lawyer may wait until the plaintiff reaches her maximum medical improvement.

Another benefit to MMI is reaching a settlement agreement. Once a settlement is reached, the plaintiff will receive money as compensation for economic and non-economic losses. In exchange for the money, the plaintiff promises drop the current lawsuit and not to sue the defendant in the future. This means if the MMI is reached two months or three years after the settlement, the plaintiff must pay any subsequent bills and cannot sue the defendant for reimbursement.

What If I Cannot Wait until I Reach My Maximum Medical Improvement?

If a plaintiff cannot financially afford to wait until they reach their MMI, a lawyer will file the lawsuit as soon as possible.

Should I Discuss My Maximum Medical Improvement with an Attorney?

Your MMI and statute of limitations on filing a personal injury lawsuit may conflict. You will want to ask a personal injury attorney about the stages of a personal injury lawsuit and MMI to understand more about how to proceed.