How to Prepare for Lawsuit Settlement Negotiations

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How to Prepare for Lawsuit Settlement Negotiations

Civil litigation can be extremely expensive, time-intensive, and emotionally exhausting. It may be advantageous for you to negotiate a settlement with the opposing party in order to save on court costs, attorneys’ fees, and time. In addition, if you believe you have a relatively weak case, it might also be your best method of handling the case.

Settlement negotiations occur during mediation. Plaintiffs, defendants, and their attorneys gather outside of the courtroom to talk through the issues and try to agree on a monetary value. If the parties agree to a settlement negotiation, the parties will sign the agreement, and it will act like a contract. The parties will then file the settlement agreement with the court, and the case will be closed. The parties will not proceed to trial.

Preparing for the Settlement Negotiation

Here are some tips to help you prepare for a successful settlement negotiation:

Do I Need an Attorney to Negotiate a Settlement?

Your opposing party will have an attorney present who will handle the entirety of settlement negotiations for them during mediation. This attorney will be experienced and well-versed in negotiation tactics. You also need an experienced and skilled personal injury attorney to negotiate on your behalf. An accomplished personal injury attorney will have years of experience with mediation and settlement negotiations and can help you strategize and prepare.

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