Notifying Responsible Parties in Personal Injury Cases

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Notifying Responsible Parties in Personal Injury Cases

When you are involved in a personal injury accident, it is very important to notify the responsible parties of the accident. If you do not do this in a timely manner, you will be barred from court to recover any damages from them. To notify the responsible parties, you simply have to send them a notification setting when and where you were injured, you were injured, and that you intend to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Who Are the Responsible Parties?

The responsible parties are the people who caused the accident, who you think caused the accident, and who have a causal link to the accident. In other words, a responsible party is anybody who is linked to the accident. Sometimes, you may not know exactly who caused the accident, but it is still important to notify those who you think caused it. Essentially, this allows you to go sue more than one person or touch deeper pockets if the person who is primarily responsible does not have any money.

For example, in a car accident case, the responsible parties may be the driver, the owner of the car, the employer of the driver, your car insurance company, and even the city if there is a road hazard.

Of course, each case is different, but if you think the person is responsible, then it is best practice to give them notice irregardless of their actual liability.

How Should I Give Notice?

A notice may be given in the form of a simple letter. It should contain simple details as to where and when the accident took place, you where injured, your intent to file suit, and a request a written response. The letter should not include details as to who is at fault or the extent of the injuries.

Consulting an Attorney

A personal injury lawyer can help you assess your case, help determine the responsible parties, and help you give notice. Depending on the complexity of the case, it is often hard to know who may be responsible. There may be deeper pockets that you may never had thought of. But if you do not give those parties notice, then you may be barred from recovering from them.

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