Many personal injury cases result in loss of income, depending on the severity of injury. Many complications arise after an accident occurs. The following is a guide for recovering loss of income through a personal injury action.

Do I Qualify for Lost Income Reimbursement?

You can seek reimbursement for your lost income if you are self-employed or if you have an hourly, weekly, or monthly salary.

In some cases, victims who are unemployed but were actively looking for work at the time of the accident can prove loss of potential wages. These types of cases are highly uncommon.

Who Is Responsible for Payment?

The person or business who caused the injury is responsible for reimbursement of lost wages. In addition to lost wages, any lost vacation time, sick or bonus days, lost benefits or perks, or lost promotion that is now not available, can be reimbursed. The responsibility can be on either an individual, or a company, depending on the accident’s circumstances.

How to Prove Lost Income

In order to prove the amount of lost income, you must show:

  1. The time you missed from work due to the accident.
  2. How much money you would’ve made during that time.

If you are a full or part time regular employee, proving loss of income is fairly simple. The first step is to request a letter on official company stationery written by your supervisor, boss, or personnel office. The letter must include your name, position, rate of pay, normal working hours, and the amount of time missed from work. The letter does not have to show vacation time, sick leave, or leave of absence if any was used.

Proving loss of income is a bit more complicated if work irregularly or are self-employed. You must prove how much time you missed from work and how much income was lost. Evidence exemplifying this can include any bills, invoices, a calendar showing missed appointments, or documents of missed meetings or conferences you were unable to attend.

Tempting as can be, exaggerating or lying about loss of wages will hurt your case dramatically. If discrepancies are proven, all credibility will be lost, and claiming any loss of income will be extremely difficult.

Seeking Legal Help

If you have lost income due to a personal injury, you should contact a personal injury lawyer for assistance. Your lawyer will help you receive compensation for your injuries, including any wages you may have lost.