Settling a Personal Injury Case

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Settling a Personal Injury Case

A settlement occurs when opposing parties to a lawsuit resolve the case out of court. Settling a personal injury case may happen before or after the trial starts. Typically, the process for settling the case starts with a settlement offer.

What Is a Settlement Offer?

A settlement offer is typically a proposed payment made by a defendant or insurer to the plaintiff. Once an offer is made negotiations begin. A plaintiff may:

When parties agree to a settlement, a personal injury settlement is made. An offer can also come from a plaintiff.

What Is a Personal Injury Settlement?

 A personal injury settlement is an agreement between two parties. The final terms are described in a written document. The written agreement contains:

What Are the Advantages to Settling a Case?

For the plaintiff, the advantages of settling a case are:   

The advantages for a defendant settling a case are:

Should I Talk to an Attorney about Settling a Personal Injury Case?

Agreeing to a settlement requires you to give up some rights. Before entering negotiations, you should talk with a personal injury attorney. The attorney will work to protect your legal rights while resolving your personal injury claim.

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