Personal Injury Cases Where a Lawyer Is Necessary

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 Personal Injury Cases Where a Lawyer Is Necessary

Not all personal injury cases require you to retain a lawyer. Simple cases that merely require you to talk to an insurance claims adjuster can be completed without a lawyer (but there is no guarantees that you will get the same settlement amount that a lawyer can get). On the other hand, more complex cases will require a lawyer due to the amount of paperwork and briefs that needs to be drafted. Below are examples of complex personal injury cases.

1) Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases are a result of a serious injury due to the lack of care from a doctor, nurse, or other health care provider. Such cases are very complex due to the amount of medical and legal questions involved.

2) Serious Bodily Harm

For bodily injuries, the amount of damages is determined by the severity of the injury and the medical bills. The range of damages is negotiable. Thus, it is wise to retain a lawyer to help you get the maximum amount of damages allowable.

3) Disability Cases

The settlement amount of disability cases is determined, again, by the seriousness of the disability. Moreover, the money and physical capabilities lost in the future due to the disability. Thus, a lawyer who is experienced in future damages are necessary to help calculate the amount you are owed.

4) Toxic Torts

Toxic torts take a long time to surface. There are also a serious of medical examinations and chemical questions to answer. Moreover, exposure to toxic tort injuries not only affects you, but also a series of people. Thus, for toxic tort cases, the judge may require you to join your cases with those of other victims, or even have a class actions lawsuit. Therefore, a lawyer is needed to assist in the case.

5) Insurance Companies’ Refusal to Settle

Insurance companies sometimes will refuse to settle your case. In those situations, a lawyer is needed to bring suit to force the insurance company to pay out.

Locating a Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer can easily be found online with services such as LegalMatch. Personal injury lawyers can help you strategize your case to get you the maximum recovery possible.

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