Parental responsibility laws are laws that hold parents of minor children responsible for their minors’ actions. In Texas, the law only holds parents responsible for property damages in certain circumstances.

What Circumstance Will Make a Parent Liable?

Parental responsibility laws only apply where minors are between 10 and 18 years of age, except where the children are emancipated or married. Parents or guardians are only liable for property damages where they did not take reasonable steps to control or to discipline the child. Also, the amount of liability is capped at $25,000 plus the injured party’s attorney fees.

So, if parents made a good faith effort to supervise or to prevent their children from acting poorly, then they will be relinquish from liability under Texas civil law.

Will I Be Free from Responsibility If I Am Not Liable under Texas Civil Law?

Unfortunately, no. Even if Texas civil law lets the parents off the hook from liability, the parents may still be liable under common law. Such cases occur where the parents knew of their children’s reckless and carelessness, but did not take any action to prevent the injury.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you are being faced with parental liability, please contact an experienced Texas personal injury lawyer in Texas. Your lawyer will help you get rid of your liability, or at a minimum, reduce the amount of liability.