What Is Loss of Consortium?

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What Damages Can I Get in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Damages awarded in a personal injury case include things such as medical bills, lost wages, and property loss. These damages are called compensatory damages. Another type of compensatory damage awarded is called loss of consortium.

What Is Loss of Consortium?

Loss of consortium is awarded to cover the physical and emotional loss a spouse experiences after their spouse is injured.

What Are the Types of Loss of Consortium?

These damages typically fall into three categories:

What Is Loss of Support?

Loss of support includes the monetary amount the injured spouse would have contributed to the household.  It is the same as lost wages which is given to the injured spouse. A jury calculates the loss of support amount by adding the wages the injured spouse:

For example, an injured spouse known to give all of their income to the household would receive a larger award than someone who gave only a small percentage of their income to the household.

What Is Loss of Services?

Loss of services refers to the value placed on work such as chores the spouse did in and around the house. Services can range from taking care of pets to mowing the lawn and making household repairs.

What Is Loss of Quality?

Loss of quality refers to the marital relationship between the couple. It is the emotional part of the marriage that cannot be calculated in dollars and cents, but is most valued by a married couple. It includes:

What If I Was Not Married to the Injured Person?

It depends on the applicable state law. In some states, a child can receive damages for the loss of a parent. Other individuals who could receive damages for loss of consortium depending on the jurisdiction include:

Do I Need to Talk to an Attorney about Loss of Consortium?

If your loved one was injured, you may want to contact a personal injury attorney about suing. The attorney can tell you more about loss of consortium and assist you in determining whether you can sue for it.

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