It is the other side of pet ownership no owner wants to envision. The day when a beloved pet die at home. Burying the family pet is not as simple as marking a place in the backyard. Many states have pet burial laws to determine the final resting place of a family pet.

Can I Bury My Pet at Home?

The answer depends on the jurisdiction where you live. A jurisdiction may treat pet remains like human remains and not allow burial on any residential property. Other jurisdictions may allow pet home burial.

For example, San Francisco does allow pet burial. However, an animal who died from a contagious or infectious disease must be buried at least 500 feet away from any residential property. 

Can My Pet Be Buried with Me?

Not in most jurisdictions. However, New York does allow this.

Is Pet Burial on Public Land an Option?

Generally, burying any animal in a public park is prohibited.

Should I Bury My Pet in a Pet Cemetery?

You have the option of burying your pet in a pet cemetery. It will take a lot of worries out of whether you are violating state law. Pet cemeteries are highly regulated. Therefore, if anything goes wrong, the cemetery will face trouble of burying your pet illegally.

Can I Include Burial Fees in a Lawsuit Against the Person Responsible for My Pet’s Death?

You may be able to recover pet cemetery fees against the person or company responsible for the death of your pet. However, you want to discuss the situation with an attorney.

Should I Discuss Pet Burial Laws with an Attorney?

Pet burial laws are complex and highly regulated by each state. Even though you may know the pet burial laws in your state, you should still talk to a criminal lawyer and check with your local jurisdiction. If you bury you pet illegally, you may face criminal penalties.