Criminal lawyers represent clients who may be facing criminal charges. They provide criminal defense representation for issues such as property crimes, assault/battery, drug/alcohol crimes, and various other issues. They can assist clients by researching criminal laws and examining the evidence that may be presented during trial.

Common Criminal Charges Handled by Las Vegas Criminal Lawyers

Every state and county has different statistics and profiles when it comes to crime rates and incidents. Las Vegas criminal lawyers may handle cases such as:

Las Vegas and Nevada lawyers may also handle various other issues, such as immigration crimes, white collar crimes, and tax fraud crimes. Criminal issues can also overlap with other areas of law, such as family law or bankruptcy law.

What Are Some Criminal Defenses?

Criminal defenses can often depend on the facts of each case, as well as state and local statutes. Some common criminal defenses may include: coercion, fraud, intoxication, self-defense, and duress. For instance, intoxication is a common defense in assault/battery crimes, especially where the defendant was not the initial aggressor in the confrontation.

Do I Need a Criminal Lawyer?

You may wish to hire a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer if you need assistance with any type of criminal charges or legal issues. A qualified criminal lawyer can provide you with legal defense arguments and representation during trial. Also, if you need to attend any mediation or alternative dispute meetings, your attorney can represent you during those times as well.