NuvaRing is a combined hormone contraceptive birth control product. It has been manufactured since the late 2000’s and works by preventing conception. It does this through a steady release of various hormones (including estrogen). Currently nearly 1.5 million persons use the product worldwide.

What Are Some Health Risks Associated with NuvaRings?

Like any other type of contraceptive, use of the NuvaRing is associated with different types of contraceptive injuries, side effects and health risks. These can include:

  • Upper urinary tract infection
  • Vaginitis
  • Sinus and headache problems
  • Reactions related to the hormone treatment
  • Severe blood clots

What Are NuvaRing Lawsuits?

This last factor, severe blood clots, is of particular concern. Since its introduction into the market, NuvaRing has been the subject of nearly 2,000 different lawsuits, most of them with regards to conditions involving severe blood clots. In many cases, the plaintiff claimed that use of NuvaRing products led to severe blood clots, which in turn led to other health problems.

In particular, the blood clotting issue may relate to certain heart problems. Stroke and heart attack have been associated with NuvaRing use. As a result, numerous lawsuits were filed beginning in 2008, including a wrongful death lawsuit. Some users might be entitled to a settlement which began being processed in February of 2014. Some settlement claims involve substantial damages awards for the victim.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with a NuvaRing Legal Claim?

If you feel that you have been negatively affective by the use of a NuvaRing, you may wish to hire a class action lawyer. Your lawyer can provide you with guidance and advice when filing your claim. Also, your lawyer can help determine your rights when it comes to compensation for injuries and associated costs. Injury laws may be different in each area, but a qualified attorney can provide you with legal advice for your claim.