Zelnorm is a brand name for tegaserod. It is a drug that is used to treat irritable bowel syndrome. Tegaserod is also sold under the name Zelmac.

Why Is Zelnorm Dangerous?

On March 30, 2007, Norvartis, the manufacturer of Zelnorm, withdrew the drug from the U.S. market at the request of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA issued the drug recall after alleging that Zelnorm increased the risk of heart attack and stroke in some patients. Novartis maintains that there is no causal relationship between taking Zelnorm and any negative cardiovascular effects. Instead, the company states that many of the people who suffered heart attacks or stroke after taking the drug had preexisting risk factors.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Lawsuit Involving Zelnorm?

Many attorneys are in the early stages of filing lawsuits against the manufacturer of Zelnorm. These lawsuits are likely to take many years to complete, so one should not make the decision to sue lightly. Only a qualified class action lawyer can estimate an individual’s chance of success in such a lawsuit. Such an attorney will be able to inform you of what you will need to show in order to win a case against a drug manufacturer and assist you in actually suing the manufacturer.