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What is Ortho Evra?

Ortho Evra is a type of hormonal birth control.  It is in the form of a patch that women wear on the body and replace once a week to prevent pregnancy. 

What are the Risks Associated With Using Ortho Evra?

Most of the side effects associated with Ortho Evra are not serious, and do not occur frequently.  However, there are serious risks that can be life threatening.  These include:

These risks are amplified if you smoke cigarettes.  Cigarette smoking increases the risk of serious cardiovascular side effect, especially if you are a woman over the age of 35.

What are the Side Effect of Using Ortho Evra?

The most common side effects of using Ortho Evra, occurring in a small percentage of women, are:

Who Should Not Use Ortho Evra?

If you are a woman who is pregnant, or think that you become pregnant, you should not use Ortho Evra.  If you are a woman who has, or has had, any of the following conditions you should not use Ortho Evra.  These conditions include:

Should I Not Take Ortho Evra if I am Taking Other Medications?

There are some drugs which many interact with the Ortho Evra patch, making it less effective in preventing pregnancy and possibly causing an increase in breakthrough bleeding.  Examples of these drugs include:

Do I Need a Lawyer if I Have Been Using the Ortho Evra Birth Control Patch?

If you believe you have been injured by Ortho Evra side effects you should speak with a good products liability attorney who is experienced in working with victims of unsafe drugs.  Your legal rights depend upon your contacting an attorney within a timely manner after the discovery that you are suffering from Ortho Evra side effects.  You may be able to bring suit with the aid of an attorney, or sue with a group of other victims as part of a class action lawsuit.

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