Fertility drugs generally affect hormonal systems of persons who are experiencing difficulty in conceiving or becoming pregnant. Such drugs or medications are often prescribed part of an overall infertility treatment program. Fertility drugs are usually administered to women, and they often rely on altering the person’s hormonal system to facilitate child birth.

Some types of fertility drugs include:

  • Clomid and other anti-estrogen drugs
  • Injectable hormones (hCG, follicle stimulating hormones, and other hormones)
  • Ovulation-inducing hormones (ovarian stimulation drugs)

Some drugs may claim to address male infertility (i.e. low sperm count), though studies are still inconclusive in this area.

Are There Any Dangers with Fertility Drugs?

Fertility drugs are often linked to various side effects. For instance, orally-ingested anti-estrogen drugs may have side effects like nausea, headache, blurred vision, and other symptoms. Hormonal changes in the person’s body can lead to other effects like hot flashes and changes in the cervical mucus.

More serious dangers with fertility drugs may include:

  • Increased likelihood of multiple births
  • Stimulation of multiple follicles
  • Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (sometimes leading to cysts)

Some of the more major risks with fertility drugs are linked more closely with injectable hormone treatments. Defective drugs or fertility-related products can also account for injuries or negative affects.

Lastly, an error in the prescription of a fertility drug can lead to injuries and subsequent lawsuits. Fertility drug lawsuits can result in remedies such as an economic damages award for the victim of an injury. Also, some fertility drug lawsuits are filed as class action lawsuits, especially where a large number of persons have been affected by the same product.

Should I Hire a Lawyer for Help with Fertility Drug Injuries?

Lawsuits over fertility drugs can involve some very technical legal and medical concepts. You may need to hire a personal injury lawyer if you need to file a lawsuit due to a fertility drug injury. Your attorney can provide you with legal representation during trial and can help you understand your legal rights and options. Laws covering drugs and medical treatments can vary by state, so be sure to inquire with your lawyer if you have any specific questions.