Testosterone supplements are dietary products that are intended to increase the amount of testosterone in a person’s body. They are sometimes called “testosterone boosters,” and are often available through over-the-counter purchase. The products generally do not contain any testosterone; testosterone itself is a controlled substance and can only be distributed through a doctor’s prescription.

Instead, testosterone supplements claim to alter chemical precursors that will indirectly increase testosterone levels. They generally take the form of a pill or capsule containing herbal or synthetic ingredients.

What’s the Difference between Testosterone Supplements and Testosterone Drugs?

As mentioned, testosterone supplements are over-the-counter products that don’t contain any actual testosterone. In contrast, testosterone drugs do contain testosterone in certain amounts. These are drugs are often prescribed as part of a low testosterone treatment regimen. Some commonly prescribed testosterone drugs include:

Testosterone drugs can deliver the testosterone directly through many different means. For instance, they can involve injections, pills, or topical application (i.e., through an adhesive skin patch or skin cream/gel).

The number of testosterone supplements on the market is very, very high. These have often been marketed based on a perceived connection between testosterone levels and male gender characteristics. The names of testosterone boosters and supplements are too numerous to number in a single article.

Are There Any Dangers Associated with Testosterone Supplements?

Increased testosterone in general is linked with certain side effects and health risks, including increased blood pressure and greater chance of heart attack or stroke. Generally speaking, risks are greater with actual testosterone drug treatments rather than testosterone supplements. This is because many testosterone supplements can be inconsistent and may not actually elevate testosterone levels to the point where it becomes dangerous. However, supplements often have their own side effects as well.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Testosterone supplements and drugs have been the focus of many lawsuits recently. These are often based on issues such as warning label defects or medical malpractice. You may wish to hire a personal injury lawyer if you need help with a testosterone supplement issue. Your attorney can provide you with legal representation and may be able to help you recover a monetary damages award.