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What Is Trasylol?

Trasylol is a drug administered during complicated surgeries (such as heart and liver) to reduce the amount of bleeding. Bayer manufactures it.

Dangers of Trasylol

One of the major dangers of using Trasylol is kidney failure. Trasylol clots blood, but the problem occurs when viscous blood gums up and will not pass through the kidney’s tiny filtering units. If the kidneys do not constantly clean blood, it quickly becomes toxic. Thus, even relatively young patients who are getting open-heart surgery may have complications or die.

Trasylol can cause:

For example, in 2006, Joe Randone went into the hospital for a routine heart valve replacement. Trasylol was administered to prevent bleeding while Joe’s heart was exposed. But after surgery, Randone’s kidneys failed as a result of the Trasylol. This led to other organ failures, resulting in extreme swelling; Joe’s eyes were sewn shut to protect his corneas, his gall bladder removed, and legs amputated.

Trasylol Is No Longer Sold

In 2007, Trasylol was pulled from the worldwide market. And in May 2008, was completely withdrawn except for experimental uses. Afterwards, Trasylol class-action lawsuits were quickly filed all across the country.

Class Action Lawsuits

The cause of action against the manufacturer, Bayer, is professional negligence. It claims that Bayer hid the true risks of Trasylol from the medical profession, that Bayer should have engaged in more thorough testing and studies, and that Bayer should have reported negative results of 1980s studies to the FDA.

Bayer is now facing thousands of Trasylol lawsuits and class action suits from victims and their grieving family members. Complaints range from negligent and intentional wrongful death, misrepresentation, and fraud, which have resulted in payouts of lost wages, loss of companionship, and pain and suffering.

Consulting an Attorney

If you believe you or a loved one have been injured by Trasylol, please contact a class action lawyer to see whether you can receive monetary damages.

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