Ketek is the trade name of Telithromycin, an antibiotic which is commonly used to treat mild to moderate respiratory infections. It first received FDA approval in April of 2004.

In 2006, it was revealed that Ketek had not been proven safe before it received FDA approval, and that safer drugs existed to treat the same conditions. One doctor admitted to falsifying data which would have shown that the drug was far less safe than its makers claimed. She pleaded guilty to fraud, and is currently serving a prison sentence.

Ketek is now known to have caused severe liver problems in a small number of patients, including 4 deaths.

Since this revelation, the FDA has reduced the number of illnesses for which Ketek is approved, and now requires a stronger warning label on the bottles.

If a person has suffered illness as a result of taking Ketek, he or she may well have a cause of action against its manufacturer.

Of course any lawsuit for products liability, especially against a large corporation, is going to be a long and complex process. There is no guarantee that such a case would not drag on for years. The patient will have to show that his or her injuries were caused by taking Ketek. In any lawsuit concerning drug side-effects, this is often difficult to prove.

Only a qualified personal injury attorney can determine if a Ketek patient has a good chance of winning a lawsuit, or getting a settlement. All states have statutes of limitations for these types of actions, meaning that a person who does not bring a lawsuit within a certain period of time will lose the right to sue.