Testim is a type of testosterone-boosting product for men experiencing low testosterone. Low testosterone may be related to various health issues such as decreased energy, lack of stamina, weight gain, and other markers. Testim is a gel that can be applied to the skin topically. It purports to increase testosterone levels, providing effects such as increased bone density and increased sex drive.

In recent years, lawsuits have arisen in connection with Testim and other low testosterone treatment drugs. These usually focus on various side effects and negative results from using the products.

What Are Some of the Side Effects of Testosterone Treatments?

Use of testosterone-enhancing products such as Testim may be linked to side effects such as:

  • Heart attack and stroke
  • Blood clots
  • Blood pressure issues
  • Various other health conditions

What Other Dangers Are Associated with Testosterone Products?

Since it is a topical gel, Testim can often lead to skin irritations at the place of application. Also, there is a risk that other persons might get exposed to Testim through clothing or other items that the user has touched or worn.

For instance, if a child or a pregnant woman uses a towel that a person used after they have applied Testim, the drug can transfer from the cloth to the other person. This can lead to very dangerous situations, as Testim is generally unsuitable for use by children or pregnant women.

Lastly, Testim and other testosterone products can sometimes be the focus of medical malpractice cases. A common issue is where a person is prescribed Testim even though they really have no need for such a product. This can happen due to a misdiagnosis or through a pharmacy error. Also, testosterone products have sometimes been abused by persons for athletic or cosmetic purposes.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with a Testim Lawsuit?

Injuries from testosterone boosters and other drugs can often be very damaging. In some cases, the injuries can be fatal. You may wish to hire a class action lawyer if you need help filing a lawsuit involving Testim, Androgel, or other types of products. Your attorney can represent you in court and provide you with legal advice for your questions. Also, your lawyer can help determine what types of remedies might be available for you.