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What Is Axiron?

Axiron is a type of low testosterone drug. It is used in some forms of low testosterone treatment for men. The product is applied as a roll-on underarm solution, much like a deodorant product. The product delivers testosterone through the skin, which is thought to address health issues associated with low testosterone. These can include loss of muscle, decreased sex drive, and loss of ambition, which are many characteristics related to traditional male functions and roles.

Are There Any Health Risks Associated with Axiron?

Recent studies suggest that testosterone drugs such as Axiron may be associated with very specific types of side effects. These include:

Besides these side effects, testosterone treatments in general may lead to side effects such as: changes in blood lipid profiles, acne, exaggerated or inconsistent facial hair growth, and gynecomastia (enlarged breasts in males).

What Are Some Legal Issues Associated with Axiron Lawsuits?

On top of these medical issues, Axiron lawsuits may involve a number of different legal issues. These include:

One major concern is where a patient begins administering Axiron dosages without being properly informed or warned of possible side effects. Liability for resulting injuries can often lie with a doctor, nurse, the drug manufacturer, or other parties. For this reason, Axiron injury lawsuits may be complex and may require the assistance of a legal professional.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Axiron Injury Claims?

Axiron lawsuits can involve several different legal issues and concepts. You may wish to hire a lawyer if you need help filing a claim involving a testosterone booster product. Your attorney can help inform you of your course of action, and may be able to help you file for damages. A qualified lawyer can also keep you informed regarding any new changes or updates to injury laws.

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