Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule

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What Is the Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule?

The Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule (the Rule) lays out regulations including promises about shipments, refunds, and notifications about unexpected delays. The Rule is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and applies to phone, fax, or Internet orders.   

How Do I Comply with the Rule?

To comply with the Rule, there are certain things you must follow:

What If I Have an Unexpected Demand?

If you are running late on your shipments and/or are overwhelmed with the number of orders you are receiving, you are given some leeway in the Rule:

Do I Need a Lawyer Experienced with the Rule?

If you run a business, a lawyer would be able to tell you your rights and obligations under the Rule and how to comply with the Rule. As a consumer, a consumer protection attorney would be able to discuss your rights under the Rule and what, if anything, a company can change about its shipment promises.

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