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What Is an Injunction?

An injunction is a court order asking someone to do something or forbidding some act.  Common examples of injunctions include:

What Are the Main Types of Injunctions?

The three main types of injunctions are:

What Is a Temporary Restraining Order?

A temporary restraining order (a.k.a. TRO) is a short-term injunction issued before a formal court hearing.  A TRO is issued when there is a danger that a delay in issuing an injunction will cause irreparable harm.  The common features associated with a TRO are:

What Is a Preliminary Injunction?

A preliminary injunction is a court order issued early in a lawsuit, prohibiting a party from doing that which is in dispute until there is a final court judgment.  The factors that affect whether a preliminary injunction is issued are:

What Is a Permanent Injunction?

A permanent injunction is a final court order that a party cease certain activities permanently or perform certain acts.  In order for a permanent injunction to be issued, the plaintiff must show evidence of an underlying harm.  Elements that must be proved by a plaintiff to earn a permanent injunction include:

Should I Consult an Attorney about My Injunction Issue?

If you seek an injunction, it is important that you hire a lawyer focusing on the particular area of law where your injunction would be relevant.  For example, if you wish to obtain an injunction against your neighbor for creating a noise nuisance, a property attorney can assist you with that injunction.  Experienced attorneys can also help to nullify or modify an existing unfair injunction on record against you. 

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