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Consumer Fraud

Consumer fraud generally encompasses any unfair or deceptive tactics used to illegally lure consumers into buying something.

Types of Consumer Fraud

Complaint Process for Consumer Fraud

First contact the business that sold the item or performed the services and let them know about your dissatisfaction. Keep a record of all people you talk to and the results. If no action is taken by the business, write a letter of complaint to the business and forward a copy on to your local Consumer Protection Agency (see below) or Better Business Bureau. Finally, if no action is taken, consider hiring an attorney.

Additional Consumer Rights

Examples of Scams

There are many different means by which to be a victim of fraud.  Some examples of fraudulent services are: Credit Card Scams, Sweepstakes Scams, Cell Phone Scams, Fraudulent Telemarketing, and Mail Order Fraud to name a few. 

The Consumer Protection Agency

The Consumer Protection Agency is an agency whose duty is to regulate the consumer industry. They license and regulate professionals, conduct investigations into consumer and financial scams, and prosecute those scammers criminally. The Consumer Protection Agency can also help injured individuals bring civil lawsuits for money against fraudulent businesses or professionals.

Do I Need an Attorney for My Consumer?

An attorney experienced in consumer protection matters can write demand letters on your behalf, and file a lawsuit against the fraudulent company if necessary. If your company is being accused or sued for consumer protection or fraud, you should speak to a lawyer immediately to explain your legal rights and potential remedies.

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