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What Is Elderly Consumer Fraud?

Elderly consumer fraud is a type of financial fraud that targets the elderly. Financial fraud is the fasting growing form of elder abuse and involves deceiving a victim with promises of goods or services that the deceiver never intended to provide. People over the age of fifty account for approximately 56% of all victims of consumer fraud.

How Can I Know If Someone Has Defrauded Me?

When someone commits elderly consumer fraud it usually involves deceiving the victim with promises of goods or services that the deceiver never intended to provide. Generally, there are several types of frauds that person commits against an elderly consumer. These include:

What Are Some Indicators of Fraud?

In order to avoid consumer fraud it is important to always remain alert to when a deal may be too good to be true. For the elderly the distinction between a fraudulent offer and a genuine offer may be hard to make. Some signs that indicate the offer may be fraudulent include:

Are There Any Consumer Fraud Laws That Protect the Elderly?

Federal law has created several pieces of legislation designed to protect people against consumer fraud. These laws require that a telemarketer:

Many states have also adopted laws specially designed to protect consumers against fraud and these laws often have harsher penalties for fraud committed against the elderly.

Do I Need an Attorney?

If you believe that you have been a victim of fraud it is very important that you contact an experienced consumer rights attorney immediately. An attorney will be able to decide whether or not fraud has been committed, and if it has, a lawyer can help you file a lawsuit to help you recover whatever you lost.

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