What Is Domain Slamming?

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What Is Domain Slamming?

Domain slamming is a type of scam/fraud practice in which a domain registrar attempts to illegally transfer a domain name to their registrar or to another registrar. This is usually done by tricking the domain owner into believing that their domain name will soon expire, and they must re-register their domain name.

The term “slamming” originates from telephone slamming, which is where one phone company lures or tricks you into quitting your current phone service and switching to theirs. Domain slamming is similar except that it is based on the illusion that the person is renewing their domain subscription under the same registrar. In reality, the domain name will be transferred to an entirely new registrar.

Domain slamming is dangerous for the domain name owner because:

These effects can cause drastic harm to the operation of the website connected to the domain name, especially to any people or businesses that are dependent on the proper functioning of the website.

Are There Any Legal Remedies for a Domain Slamming Claim?

Domain slamming can cause heavy losses, especially if the business is very reliant on operation of a website through the domain name. Remedies for domain name slamming can include:

Also, criminal fraud charges can be brought against the scammers in some cases.

One of the main problems with domain slamming is that it can often be difficult to detect, and person(s) or organization(s) perpetrating the scam may “disappear” quickly after the transfer. Sometimes, the scam company can be operating from overseas, which can also complicate matters. They may also deny that the transfer or transaction ever occurred, in an attempt to keep the victim subscribed under their registrar.

It may be necessary to work with a computer specialist and/or a legal professional when tracing domain slamming incidents, or for similar issues such as domain name infringement.

How Can I Prevent Domain Slamming?

You can protect yourself against domain slamming, and internet fraud in general, by taking the following measures:

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Domain Slamming Issues?

Domain slamming is a common fraud scheme that affects many people and businesses. You may need to hire a personal injury lawyer in your area if you have been the victim of domain slamming or another form of internet fraud. Your attorney can help examine the facts and circumstances surrounding your issue, and can research related laws. If you need to file a legal claim or make an appearance in court, your lawyer can represent you in court as well.

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