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 Tommie Copper False Advertisement Case

Prescription drugs, such as ones taken for arthritis, can cause an adverse reaction in individuals. Some people seek alternative treatments, such as specialty clothing, to relieve symptoms. Recently, Tommie Copper clothing has been at the center of the lawsuits regarding its medical benefits.

What is Tommie Copper Clothing?

Tommie Copper Clothing allegedly marketed to treat arthritis symptoms and repair tissue. The clothing is considered copper-infused, which promotes the healing of arthritis. Tommie Copper Clothing includes braces, shirts, socks, and sleeves.

Why is Tommie Copper Clothing being Sued?

The lawsuits allege false advertisement. Customers allege the clothing has no health benefits when treating arthritis. False advertisement refers to making misleading, fake, or deceptive claims about a product or service.

Is Deceptive Advertising the Same As False Advertising?

Yes. It means the manufacturer or seller purposely mislead customers about a product or service.

Do I Need to Prove I was Injured to Sue for False Advertising?

No. To be found guilty of false advertising, no actual harm is needed. It must be proven the advertisement was deceptive of false.

Can a Seller or Manufacturer be Liable for Injuries Caused By Tommie Copper Clothing?

Yes. Both manufacturers and sellers can be liable for injuries caused by clothing. They have a duty of reasonable care to prevent harm. When clothing harms an individual, it is considered a breach of duty. A breach of duty can cause give rise to a customer filing a defective lawsuit claim. The Tommie Cooper clothing is not considered a defective product.

What Are the Penalties For False Advertising?

The consequences for false advertising are:

  • Public recall
  • Refund or exchange of the product
  • Injunction to have the advertisements replaced or removed
  • Legal damages
  • Civil fines

Do I Need a Lawyer to Sue Tommie Copper Clothing for False Advertisement?

It’s in your best interest to talk to a consumer lawyer for false advertisement.


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